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Photo of American Fisheries Society contributing writer, Natalie Sopinka

Natalie Sopinka on The Plight of the Salmon

The plight of the salmon Traversing the coast along the Pacific Northwest into the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada is a picturesque and mesmerizing experience, unless you are a sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)...

Photo of Landon Pierce - American Fisheries Society Student Subsection Unit .

Landon Pierce on Paddlefish Research

Paddlefish Research The work of graduate student Landon Pierce, of Lincoln, Neb., moves from rolling hills and pine tree habitat of the swift fox underwater as he studies the American paddlefish. The billed fish...

Photo of Andrew Carlson - member of the Education Student Subsection of the American Fisheries Society

An Interview with Andrew Carlson

Major: Natural Resource Management, Fisheries Science Expected Graduation Year: Spring 2015 What inspired you to attend SDSU? During my senior year at the University of Minnesota I searched for a nationally-recognized graduate program, a fascinating...