Student Resources

In 2014, the Subsection began developing a series of “How To…” documents designed to help students and early career professionals with a variety of questions they may encounter.  Topics range from how to conduct undergraduate research, to how to prepare a resume or C.V., to how to get a job.

The first of these How To’s were highlighted in a Fisheries Student Angle in spring 2015 entitled “How to Navigate Fisheries Education and Employment,” featuring:

These are living documents which will change over time as we develop more advice.  If you have any questions on the existing “How to’s” or questions that haven’t been answered, please submit your questions on our advice forums!

A Selection of Students’ Angles Related to AFS Student Subunits

  • Undergraduate Education: Making the Most of Opportunities in Fisheries Science (Cooke 1997)
  • Volunteer or Practice Asking, “Want Fries with That?” (Brenden and Smith 1998)
  • Involving Undergraduates Is Key to the Future of the American Fisheries Society(Novinger and Nebbelink 1998)
  • AFS: What’s In It For Me? (Simpkins 2001)
  • Activity within AFS Student Subunits: A Survey (Dauwalter 2004)
  • A Balancing Act: Professional Organization or Student-based Club (Jolley et al. 2004)
  • Tales of a Novice-Run Bass Tournament (Trumbo 2006)
  • The Palouse Unit AFS-Past, Present, and Future (Holecek 2008)
  • Essential Elements for Student Subunit Success: The East Carolina University Student Subunit of AFS (Deehr and Riley 2008)
  • Connecting With the Community through Active Pond Management (Phelps and Wahl 2008)
  • Institution Representative Program: A Program to Boost Student Participation in AFS(Schneider and Dodd 2008)
  • How to Establish a Student (Lederman and Carslon 2015)