How to Become an Early Career Professional

What is an Early Career Professional?

The American Fisheries Society’s (AFS) Early Career Professional (ECP) membership is a special membership category for fisheries professionals at the beginning of their careers. This unique category is defined as any member who graduated from school within the past five years. Being an Early Career Professional provides a segue between Student and Regular membership in AFS, and understanding the changes and benefits is essential for you to take advantage of the great opportunities associated with being an Early Career Professional.

Becoming an Early Career Professional

Entering the working world is a big change. Many students who were AFS members during school find themselves overwhelmed and underfunded in their new jobs. Support or permission to travel may be limited or nonexistent. The benefits of AFS, which seemed so obvious when you were a student, seem to wane in comparison with the cost of membership and meeting attendance given your entry-level salary.

The Early Career Professional membership exists to help you through this transition.

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