Seeking Subsection Members for Symposium on Educational Technologies in the Classroom

The Education Section is sponsoring a symposium on the use of educational technologies in the classroom and is looking for a couple members of our Subsection to present on the student or TA perspective of what has been successful, what falls short, and where we should put our efforts moving forward. The Education Section is looking for members to share their experiences from both sides of the aisle, as the deliverers and consumers of education technology, which would bring a really great perspective to the symposium!

See the description of the symposium below:

Undergraduate and graduate education of fisheries students changes with new knowledge, employer needs, and students themselves. Educational technologies can lead to new content delivery and program development. Technological options in the classroom and online are constantly developing, leading to new approaches for asynchronous and synchronous delivery of online courses, flipped classrooms, and virtual field and laboratory experiences, to name a few. However, many educators and employers have debated whether the newer technologies can provide students the same knowledge and expertise as more traditional methods. Further, adoption of new technologies can be challenging for instructors and student comfort. Are these changes in technology providing future fisheries professionals with what they want and need in their education and career preparation? In this symposium, speakers will describe the evolution of technology in the classroom, describe the opportunities and challenges of technological adaptation for content delivery and program development, provide evidence of meeting learning objectives using technology, and describe the student experience with successful and unsuccessful uses of technology in the classroom. A panel discussion at the end of the symposium will allow for further discussion on where fisheries education is leading and how technology can be leveraged to meet student and employer needs.

If you would like to give a standard presentation and serve on the panel at the end of the symposium, please contact the Education Section President-Elect, Melissa Wuellner at [email protected].