Subsection Symposium

"We are excited to announce that our Subsection will be organizing a symposium for the 2018 AFS Annual Meeting in Atlantic City! Please join us for our session: "Engaging the Next Generation of Fisheries Scientists: Strategies for Student Subunits of AFS". The goal of this symposium is to facilitate a discussion of ideas ranging from how to start up a subunit, attempts to engage the public, and ways to work with regional and local chapters of AFS. If you would be interested in presenting, please email Dan Weaver ([email protected]) and Lisa Izzo ([email protected]) with your name and a presentation title by March 8th. Full abstracts are due to the conference website by March 16th.
Symposium Description: 
The American Fisheries Society offers numerous avenues for student participation, from student subunits, to local and regional chapters, and finally engagement at the Society level. Although insurmountably smaller in attendance than the Annual Meeting, student subunit events and activities can have a disproportionately large positive effect within the local community. Subunit activities can educate, engage, and excite students as well as the public about fisheries science and conservation. The goal of this symposium is to welcome presenters to share and discuss strategies and successes from subunits that promote student and community engagement related to fish and their habitats. In theme with this year’s AFS meeting “Scientific Communication”, we hope to provide an environment that proliferates new ideas, establishes commonalities, and identifies potential challenges for the rising generation of fisheries scientists."

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