Amendments to Bylaws

Subsection Members,


The motion has been set forth to amend the Bylaws of the Student Subsection to be more inclusive of Early Career Professionals. This motion has been tabled for 2 years and we are now ready to move the motion forward.


The primary change to the Bylaws is a change in name. The proposed name change would be from Student Subsection to Student/Early Career Subsection. As per our Bylaws, we would still be referred to as the Subsection.


In order for this motion to pass we need 2/3 (quorum) of votes cast to be in favor of the changes to the Bylaws.


Voting will be open from May 17, 2017 until June 17, 2017. A link to an electronic ballot will be provided at that time for you to cast your vote.


All AFS student and Early Career Professional members are also Subsection members and are allowed to cast a vote.


The proposed changes can be found here: Amendments to Bylaws


Thank you for your continued service to your professional society!





President, Student Subsection

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