Aiming to Support Young Professionals

Read the latest update from the Fisheries Management Section's Young Professionals Committee, published in Fisheries Magazine in March 2015.  Here's the introduction:

In February 2014, the Fisheries Management Section (FMS) charged a committee to address the specific needs and issues facing young professionals in the fisheries field. The newly formed Young Professional Committee (YPC) was tasked with identifying potential bottlenecks in the recruitment and retention of young professional (YP) members to the American Fisheries Society (AFS). Even before the formal designation of the YPC, its members exchanged ideas and information via e-mail and conference calls and met during AFS annual meetings in 2013 and 2014. Invitations were extended to the Education Section and the Student Subsection to join the YPC effort, resulting in two representatives from the Education Section and one representative from the Student Subsection joining the committee. In 2014, the YPC drafted a list of goals and objectives. The goals of the YPC are to:

  1. Prepare and support young fisheries professionals to remain active and engaged in AFS, and to bring resource expertise and leadership into their workplace.
  2. Increase coordination/involvement between FMS and other AFS units to engage and support young professional membership in AFS.


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