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Are you an early career professional?

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Aiming to Support Young Professionals

Read the latest update from the Fisheries Management Section’s Young Professionals Committee, published in Fisheries Magazine in March 2015.  Here’s the introduction: In February 2014, the Fisheries Management Section (FMS) charged a committee to...

Looking into colleges?

Don’t forget to look at the list of North American schools offering fisheries and related programs, compiled by the Education Section! This list is an excellent resource for looking into university/college options.  Also, don’t...

2014 Meeting Minutes, Quebec City, Quebec

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM. Carlson introduced the guest in attendance: Paukert – USGS at University of Missouri Boreman – North Carolina State University Sutton – University of Alaska Dauwalter...

2013 Meeting Minutes, Little Rock

The meeting was called to order at 12:07 PM. Dembkowski introduced the guest in attendance: Craig Paukert Jeff Fore A quorum (> 15 members) was determined to be present (n = 33).  Excom Reports...

2012 Financial Report

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Summer 2008 Update

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Winter 2007/2008 Newsletter

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Summer 2007 Update

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